Would you marry me?
Strange as it sounded in my head
I had to ask, and then she said
No, of all things
And turn away her face did she
A silence of the strings

But my God, you must!
I haven’t got to do a thing
The silence in my ears did ring
No, of all things
Had we no words or was it just
A silence of the strings

Will you think again?
It is what everyone would say
And don’t you love me any day
I don’t know, of all things
We kissed, but coldly and with pain
A silence of the strings

Don’t go, please, don’t go!
The orchestra resumed their play
They played for her, and she would say
No, of all things
Maybe it was no final no
No silence and no strings

2 thoughts on “Lydia

  1. Geschrieben heute morgen im Englischfachseminar.
    Aufgabe: Reduce this text into a poem“.
    Textgrundlage: Ausschnitt aus „Love for Lydia“ von H.E.Bates

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